Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sleep Study picture and results

Ashley went in for a sleep study last week and we met with the doctor a few days ago for the results. Her lung capacity and oxygen levels are good and a big sigh of relief came over me until the Dr said but... it turns out Ashley had several periods of sleep apnea where she stopped breathing and the concern now is for those periods where she stopped breathing, each one lasted 40 seconds and that is dangerous. This along with her aspiration condition is not a good mix. Ashley's next neurosurgeon appt isn't until July 29th, but the lung Dr was going to call the Neurosurgeon to have us worked in quickly so we can find out if Ashley will have decompression brain surgery. Thank you again for your support and prayers. I cannot even put into words how much that means to our family!! Below is a picture of Ashley all hooked up at the sleep study.

Photo: All hooked up and ready for bed.

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