Monday, July 29, 2013

Update on the long awaited Neurosurgeon appointment today

We met again this morning with the chief Neurosurgeon at Cooks Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth, TX to discuss again the plan for treating Ashley's brain disorder. We didn't get an immediate answer on Decompression Brain Surgery, as he wants again to talk to a couple more doctors on Ashley's swallowing & breathing issues. Seems that she has a complex & isolated case of Chiari Malformation, and he is quite deliberate in exhausting all the issues before going forward with brain surgery. The swallowing issue is a serious one, as Ashley can longer drink any type of fluid without having a thickening agent put in it first. Dr.Donahue did say that Ashley is probably going to have to have this operation, but because of the seriousness of this type of brain surgery he wants to make sure it is the best treatment option, and the option that will solve all her problems. Needless to say the anxiety continues on for a couple more weeks. For a 12 year old young girl, Ashley has been an absolute "trooper" thru this "gut wrenching" ordeal that has been going on for months & months. Our donation campaign has had some great success,but we have only just begun!!!! For those of you who donated to Ashley's Fund, we offer our heartfelt thanks! For those of you that have offered prayers & kind thoughts, we offer our heartfelt thanks! If you are just being made aware of this donation campaign, we would ask you to become one of "Ashley's Angels" !!!!!!

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