Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dr's appointment update

Went to Cooks today to see the pain doctor. Ash is going to try a different pain med as the one she was taking didn't help and made her feel yucky. After that appointment, she did a bio-feed back test. Hooked up to wires and watching a computer screen, it measures the amount of tension, stress and pain that someone is experiencing. When he first began the test, her spikes were off the chart which just verified to the Dr she has some serious neck pain going on. Although after a few month of physical therapy which helped bring her pain level down from about a 10 to a 5 or 6, when the test started Ashley said her pain was about a 5. Once the test was complete it took it down even further to about a 3. She has over the next month 3 more sessions to do and these test will teach her techniques to use here at home for her to try and manage the pain better. Her pain level as of now is back to about a 5, but I am thankful she was able to complete this first round of testing and it gave her a few hrs at a lower pain level.

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